Process & Fees

Process & Fees

Testing Process / What Can You Expect

After initial contact and the decision to move forward, the intake and testing process will begin. Largely dependent on scheduling and availability, the entire process typically takes around 3-5 weeks. The core process steps include:
Intake: An initial meeting between IAS staff and the client to discuss the testing plan and approach define goals and objectives and schedule testing sessions. The first testing session can be scheduled on the same day as the Intake if preferred by the client.

Testing: Depending on the type of assessment and the schedule of the client, testing will generally range from 1 to 3 sessions or days. During this time, the IAS tester will administer a series of written, verbal, and electronic tests.

Feedback: Based on the testing sessions and results, IAS will prepare a written report for each case. During the feedback session, results are presented to the client with thorough explanation. Each finding and related recommendation is discussed.

Payment and Cost

A range of cost structures are used by IAS depending on the specific client and the type of assessment that suits them best. Pricing for testing ranges from $3,000 – $5,500. The cost for a therapeutic assessment will be evaluated on an individual basis after an initial meeting and may fall outside of this range. All fees are comprehensive and include all materials and reports, no add ons. The only time additional fees would be considered is for school visits or other outside meetings. We often have clients who wish to revisit the test results months after the feedback session, which we consider part of the process, part of an on-going conversation about your results.

IAS does not accept insurance, but we are always happy to do everything we can to help clients get reimbursed by their insurance companies.