Boston’s Only Fully Integrated Testing Service IAS can integrate the emotional and cognitive
worlds, giving unique clarity to your situation and needs.
Testing the Whole Person Anxious or Depressed? Trouble at School? IAS Can Help by Showing You How These Issues are Related.


Boston, MA’s Psychological Testing Resource

What We Do

IAS offers a range of psychological and neuropsychological assessments, answering questions and delivering actionable and powerful findings for the client and referring source.


Assessments are the main tool utilized by IAS to obtain data and shape findings & recommendations. These are a series of tests administered by a clinician with a doctorate in clinical psychology and, in the case of neuropsychological assessments, additional post doctoral training in neuropsychology.

Why Choose IAS

IAS’s clinical expertise and ability to offer integrated testing drives a market leading service focused on individual needs. We test the whole person, giving you one combined report that knits together all the issues.

Standardized Test Accommodations

Do you need an accommodation for school or a standardized test? IAS can help navigate the application process and make sure you’re approved.

Benefits of Integrated Testing

Combining cognitive and emotional testing, IAS ensures a comprehensive view of each client’s needs to facilitate productive therapy and/or improved performance in school & work. We’ll tell you how emotional issues impact cognitive performance, and how cognitive issues impact emotional functioning.