Start feeling better and doing better today.

Comprehensive testing and evaluations for children, teens and adults to help them perform and succeed in every area of life.

Boston’s leading test center for assessing cognitive issues, learning disabilities, attention and emotional disorders, neurological deficits, and other complex psychiatric presentations.

When you need answers to your inability to move forward in life, you want a comprehensive and thoughtful solution that gives you the ability to see the whole picture.

At Integrative Assessment Services we provide comprehensive testing to not only help you understand the full neuropsychological symptoms but we also test for psychological or emotional factors that may be influencing you or your child’s ability to thrive.

How we can help you

We offer diagnostic psychological, neuropsychological, therapeutic and combined assessments for children, teens and adults in the Boston, Concord and Cambridge areas. We are also able to provide full neuropsychological evaluation with added academic testing to apply for test accomodations. 

Get clear on the big picture

Get a personalized assessment for both neuropsychological and emotional factors that may be impacting performance and wellbeing.

Plan for the future

Neuropsychological testing to help you understand how your child learns, reasons and processes information. Plus recommendations on the next steps.

Get the answers you need

If you are having difficulties at school or at work, could that be a sign of anxiety, or could the cause be an underlying learning disorder? Our combined assessments help to uncover how the cognitive (neuropsychological) and emotional (psychological) minds work together and if there are any underlying issues that are impacting performance. 

We help to test for and diagnose conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, special education testing, learning disabilities, dyslexia, and complex psychiatric presentations. 

We offer holistic feedback to help families and individuals make sense of complicated diagnoses. We’ll make thoughtful referrals and recommendations for your next steps to start feeling better quickly.



Dr. Kulish changed the trajectory of our daughter’s school experience. For years, Psychiatrists, Clinical Neuropsychologists and Educational Specialists had missed a key diagnosis. Through more comprehensive testing and evaluations at Integrated Assessment Services (IAS), Dr. Kulish identified and accurately diagnosed a significant learning disability. With this proper diagnosis, our daughter received appropriate accommodations at school and services that met her needs. Instead of getting in trouble at school for things she couldn’t help, she got the help she needed to succeed. Her grades improved greatly and her confidence soared. Testing at IAS…Priceless!


IAS are literally world-changers.  They diagnosed what others missed.  My son has since gone from white-knuckling his way through school (and life) to being a happier, more relaxed kid and a stellar student at a highly competitive school.  We are so thankful for the expert attention we got at IAS. Transformative!