Testing Services

Psychological Testing Services in Concord, MA

IAS offers a range of testing options; all geared toward answering questions and providing objective information for the client and their referring source.

Cognitive and emotional disorders can be confusing and often are related. Take depression, for example. Is someone depressed because they’re struggling in school, or are they struggling in school because they’re depressed? If a person is having difficulties at school or work, is that a sign of anxiety, or could the cause be an underlying learning disorder?

Testing at IAS answers these with the clarity of objective data. IAS testers are experts in the field of psychological and neuropsychological testing. They are also trained therapists with extensive psychotherapy experience, with the insight to more effectively interpret the meaning of test data –the causes, effects and patterns behind feelings, thoughts and behaviors. This sophistication enables us to deliver more actionable and powerful findings, which leads to our recommended solutions.

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Combined Assessments
Psychological Assessments
Neuropsychological Assessments
Therapeutic Assessments
Test Accomodations