Why test cognitive ability?

Thorough testing allows for a holistic understanding of a person’s cognitive processes. We help you to uncover what might be going on for you or your loved one so that you can take steps towards wellness.

We offer a variety of testing options to uncover both psychological and neuropsychological conditions that may be impacting performance in school or at work. Our test providers are experts in the field of psychotherapy and can prescribe comprehensive measures to help you or your child succeed.

Combined Assessments

Cognitive + Emotional Testing

At IAS, our specialty is our combined assessments. These comprehensive combined assessments, help us understand how your cognitive (neuropsychological) and emotional (psychological) states work together as a whole. We gain strategic insight into our patient’s areas of competence and the areas that may be affecting performance and learning. 

At IAS we pride ourselves in offering a complete whole person assessment and take great care as we diagnose and prescribe treatment to each individual.

Neuropsychological Assessments

Cognitive Health Assessments

A neuropsychological test helps you understand how your brain processes things like language, learning, memory and attention. These tests will show the individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses and look for things like learning disabilities or attention disorders. They may also simply describe how a person learns, their academic and work preferences, or simply explain why they are struggling at work or in school. 

Psychological Assessments

Mental Health Assessments

If you notice sudden changes in mood, reactions or behavior, it could be a sign that you or your loved one are experiencing an emotional or behavioral disorder. We perform and evaluate testing for depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, emotional interferences with performance at work or school, and other complex psychiatric presentations. We look for a range of emotional symptoms to uncover their frequency and severity. We offer our clients support and hope for the future.

Therapeutic Assessment

Help with life’s challenges

Many times patients and couples need help getting unstuck in life. The ups and downs of life can leave us feeling unsure of how to move forward. Therapeutic assessments are a powerful way to get the help you need. Therapeutic assessments typically involve collaborating with a psychotherapist as an individual or as a couple to help you identify the areas of struggle and what changes may need to be made. 

Patients walk away from this work making productive changes to their lives and feel empowered to continue the results at home. 

Test Accommodations

Test accommodations may be required when a student has a learning disability or needs extra time to complete an exam such as the SAT, ACT or graduate school entrance exams. Students may need to complete a full neuropsychological evaluation and academic testing to quality for accomodations. 

The process of applying for test accomodations is complicated and time consuming. Let us handle everything for you.