Boston’s only fully integrated assessment service

Integrated assessment means that we take a whole person approach to every patient we test. We look for a variety of underlying factors that may be influencing you or your child’s cognitive and emotional ability to succeed. We assess a variety of cognitive, learning, attention or emotional issues, neurological deficits and and how these issues might affect each other.

Every clinician at IAS is a neuropsychologist and therapist – so we understand the importance of building a collaborative relationship with our patients. You’re the expert on you and your family.

Each clinician at IAS hold doctorates in clinical psychology with psychotherapy experience and expertise. We work with your therapist, school or other providers to help you get an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan. Our patients can expect to complete the testing process in a supportive, comfortable environment so that you can relax as you begin the assessment.

Our service is self-pay only, we do not take insurance at this time.

Meet our staff

Melinda Kulish

Miriam Dreyer

Amity Kulis, Psy.D.
Jo Johnson, Ph.D.
Sarah Ward, Ph.D
Jonathan Carroll, Psy.D.
Michael Capawana, Ph.D.


Anthony Bram, Ph.D.

John Minor, Psy.D.

Meghan B. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Amy Todey, Ph.D.