About Our Psychological Testing Services in Boston, MA

About Us

Boston’s only fully integrated assessment service, IAS offers Cognitive (neuropsychological) and Emotional (psychological/projective) testing to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their needs and facilitate more effective treatment planning and/or improved performance in school & work. Our evaluations can jump-start a psychotherapy, providing invaluable and nuanced insights.

What we do:

IAS does standard neuropsychological testing, personality testing, “combined” psychological, neuropsychological testing, and therapeutic assessments. These testing services provide objective data and insight, and lay a foundation for success from psychotherapy to school to work. Please see the Testing Services(link) page for detailed information on all tests and assessments.

We serve patients from early elementary school to senior citizens and can assess cognitive issues, learning disabilities, attention and emotional disorders, neurological deficits, and the way these issues might affect each other. Classic examples or symptoms of the emotional issues IAS works with and addresses include anxiety, depression, “spaciness,” disorganization, lack of motivation, and a general sense of being stuck and unable to move forward. IAS can help.

How IAS is Different:

A number of factors set IAS apart from other testing clinics in the Boston Metro Area:

  • IAS can integrate both neuropsychological testing and a complete emotional evaluation to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their needs (services also available separately)
  • IAS only employs clinical staff with doctorates in clinical psychology with psychotherapy experience and expertise. This approach ensures that your tester has the skills and experience to diagnose learning challenges and psychological problems from multiple perspectives.
  • IAS never uses “technicians” to complete testing at a lower cost, an important distinction that separates us from competitors
  • Because our testers are also good clinicians and experienced therapists, our testing integrates emotional factors observed during sessions into our findings, leading to recommendations that set the stage for success

How IAS Delivers Value:

  • IAS takes a collaborative approach with patients to create a comfortable process without a “medical” feel, which is typical in the industry
  • Research shows that testing done in this way is more likely to be remembered and used by patients
  • IAS will not miss complex interactions between cognitive and emotional issues that testers who perform only one type of test may overlook
  • IAS will collaborate with your therapist in a way that other testers don’t, making our reports materially more useful in therapy