Combined Assessments

“Combined” or “Integrated” assessments involve both cognitive (neuropsychological) and emotional (psychological) testing, which are typically done separately. While some neuropsychological assessments might include a few psychological tests, they rarely, if ever, include a complete battery of psychological tests. At IAS, we combine a full neuropsychological evaluation with a complete psychological (personality) evaluation. These assessments provide a more comprehensive view of each client and offer the efficiency of one-stop shopping. Most importantly, IAS can help you, and others, understand how these different factors come together in your unique way. You won’t be left with two separate reports that don’t fully take the other “half” into consideration.

As a simple example, if a person has difficulty paying attention, the resulting difficulties could cause anxiety. But perhaps anxiety is the CAUSE of the attentional difficulties. Or, perhaps there is anxiety, and separately, a problem with attention, and each exacerbates each other. That is, is it a neurodevelopmental issue? Or is there an emotional issue that makes attention dart all over the place? Or perhaps there is both, and each makes the other worse in complicated ways.

The answer comes not just from a test, but from a combination of psychological and neuropsychological tests interpreted by a clinician experienced in working with subtle cognitive and emotional symptoms.

This is the core service provided by IAS and has been successful in helping countless clients to date. For more information or to discuss the benefits of testing with Dr. Kulish, please contact IAS.